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Creating ideas in Innovation and Digital Transformation. Making sense of Technobabble and dent hype cycles.


We research trends and technologies, publish our insights and educate in innovation technology.


Purposeful Development of innovation projects and efficient cooperation with partners in subprojects.


We create prototypes to endeavour new technologies. We start where presentations fail, inspire and deliver useful innovation.


Hans Bickhofe

SysOps and QA

Maintainer by day, maker by night. The trained electrical engineer handles huge server racks and small IoT devices and is a dab hand with the soldering iron. As a software engineer he masters client/server applications with enough Zen to dig into bugs of cutting edge technologies like AR.

Peter Bickhofe

Game Design and Art Direction

One Man Army. The Devigner startet out with graphic design and typography, then somehow forgot to stop learning. As a game designer he created numerous concepts and applications. His ideas are more in demand than ever, and since that is not enough for him, he teaches innovative topics like VR at the Cologne Games Lab.

Dirk Krause

Innovation Management and WebDev

Astrophysicist by training, innovation manager by trade. He separates the techno hypes from the real topics of the future not only by trend scouting but also by digging into code. With two decades of team management and network agency background under his belt, he knows how to handle complex topics and how to pinpoint quick wins.

Employment Opportunities

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