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Music sampler experience with compositions by Jazz musician Jarry Singla

Jarry Singla is a renowned Jazz Musician (WikiPedia).

From his website:

The Indo-German pianist and composer Jarry Singla has always been crossing borders between the most diverse musical worlds. Several years of stays in Mexico City, New York, Mumbai and La Paz opened his heart and mind, intensive musical collaborations in Buenos Aires, Katowice and Kiev promoted his successful search for a way past all dogmas, for a fresh, refined and exciting sound between jazz and ethnic inspiration.

Curious Electric co-operated with his team to create the web experience ‘GRAMOFON’.

From the project page:

The idea for GRAMOFON originated during the Corona lockdown in winter 2020/2021 when neither concerts nor rehearsals were possible and a sense of isolation spread. In this situation, Jarry Singla developed the vision of creatively communicating with his audience via an interactive player.

Jarry composed musical miniatures for piano, prepared piano, Indian harmonium and percussive instruments. The fragments are mainly inspired by South Indian rhythm, North Indian ragas and Messiaen modes, but also by European harmony.

More information on his website.

The WDR covered it on the radio programme WDR3.